Weekly Palette #3

Inspiring and interesting this week…


The amazing and sublime work of Conrad Jon Godly - see more here


Tai Shan Schierenberg… you may have seen him on the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year see more here


Sedrick Huckaby- see more here


I really love the work of Malcolm T Liepke - see more here

Self Portrait #1

In my previous post I quickly explained how a painting - in this case a self portrait - starts with a photograph, a sketch outline and then the paint or other medium. 

Here is that finished self portrait.  

16”x12” Oil on Canvas Board


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Starting all over again as a forty-something artist

I left school with a GCSE A-Grade in Art and Design. I can barely remember what that subject was, except that I sketched and painted a lot. I don’t remember learning anything much besides how to stare at an object and sketch what I saw. Stare and sketch. And repeat. 

And then I left school. No direction. No focus.  No plan. 

It’s ludicrous that twenty five years later, I’m painting again for the first time since that GCSE art class. Last year I dabbled with digital painting. I’ll continue to do that but, now I’m actually painting. Oil on canvas. 


It’s quite literally like starting all over again as a forty-something artist.

As with a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. 

No rules. No expectations.

Just blank canvas... 

Let’s see what happens.