Completion isn't always the goal

On one side of my office, design work begins at a desk and 99.9% of the time is completed. Opposite that desk things are not so straightforward.

One process is more or less just admin with colours and shapes and, the other is art where completion isn’t always the goal but instead, there’s struggle, learning and evolution.


Starting all over again as a forty-something artist

I left school with a GCSE A-Grade in Art and Design. I can barely remember what that subject was, except that I sketched and painted a lot. I don’t remember learning anything much besides how to stare at an object and sketch what I saw. Stare and sketch. And repeat. 

And then I left school. No direction. No focus.  No plan. 

It’s ludicrous that twenty five years later, I’m painting again for the first time since that GCSE art class. Last year I dabbled with digital painting. I’ll continue to do that but, now I’m actually painting. Oil on canvas. 


It’s quite literally like starting all over again as a forty-something artist.

As with a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless. 

No rules. No expectations.

Just blank canvas... 

Let’s see what happens.